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Learn About Tugeda Carrier

Discover How You Can Have

More Time + Freedom + Happy + Safe & Easy Way

For Your Parenting Journey

In Just 3 Simple Step !

(You and Your little ones will LOVE it)


have you wp

Do You Want….

♥To have more bonding time with your baby’s
♥To have more time & manageable life style
♥To Be Free to move around and do multitasking task with easy and secure while baby’s stay very close to you at all times
♥ To make sure your Baby’s safety assured & be seen at all times
♥ Your Baby can be easily to breastfeed on demand anytime, anywhere without been seen by others especially in public
♥ To ease you & your baby’s emotional needs to be fullfilled and baby’s EQ to be enhanced
♥ To be happy and peace of mind
♥ To have freedom to do what you loves and both hand free


Let’s Meet The Parent Helper

Tugeda baby carrier is an Ergonomic Baby Carrier type Soft Structured carrier that produced in Malaysia. We specialize in making Baby Carrier, (Soft Structured carrier) that can helps parents/caregivers to have both hands free to get on with day-to-day life or doing your activities with baby’s around. So you can have more freedom to do what you need to do anytime, anywhere.

  • Tugeda baby carrier | Soft Structured Carrier also the baby carrier that support natural seating position (known as M-shape) which recommended position for healthy hip development. It’s important to protect your baby and to prevent Injury to baby’s.Tugeda Baby Carrier, soft structured Carrier suitable to carry babies from newborn to toddler year.
  • Tugeda Baby Carrier | Soft Structured Carrier has been designed to protect baby’s spine to maintain it’s natural curve. It so important not to put pressure on baby’s spine at early stage of life to prevent injuries and to make sure it growth heathily. 
  •  Tugeda baby carrier | Soft Structured Carrier is a safe baby carrier for you and your baby to use for long hours comfortably and not cause your back ache. You can enjoy every moment together happily and it essential gear for your Smooth Parenting Journey.
  • Tugeda baby carrier | Soft Structured Carrier also easy to use and it’s hassle free. You can wear easily by your self without any help from others. Tugeda baby carrier unique and beautiful designs, keeps you instyle and made you so special. You will be like a superstar or an icon, people love to stared when you wear it.
  • Tugeda baby carrier | Soft Structured Carrier has been designed for better ventilation/air system using breathable materials and comfortable fabrics to make you and your baby cool using it.
  • Tugeda baby carrier | Soft Structured Carrier, suitable to be used in any climate especially in sunny,hot,tropical climate so that baby’s not getting too hot. When baby’s comfortable, they’ll be more relax, calm and Less to cry / less to get cranky.
  • Tugeda Baby Carrier / Soft Structured Carrier are proudly made in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Introducing our 3 types of Tugeda Carrier : Air,Smart Street & iDEAL. 

Tugeda Baby Carrier / Soft Structured Carrier will be the baby carrier you will love it so much.


We have 3 types Of Tugeda Carrier, Tugeda Air & Tugeda Smart Street





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Features & Specifications

1. ERGONOMIC DESIGN – For more comfortable and safety wearing for baby and parent.It can prevent injuries, discomfort, and can support natural seating position (M-shape) which recommended position for healthy hip development .
-Curvy shoulder strap And Waist Band For neat and comfortable wearing. Helps baby’s weight well distributed.
– Deeper Seat Dart On Body Panel – Support knee to knee seating with proper degrees.

2. SAFE AND PREMIUM– Important for durability and life span of the product that you will get longer lasting
Baby carrier thus save your money to buy new one

3. MULTIPLE CARRY POSITIONS (front carry, back carry, Hip Carry/side carry) – Gives parent more option how to carry Baby’s.

4. EXTENDABLE BODY PANEL (For Tugeda Smart Street type) – Let’s parents to adjust the body panel to the baby’s size & Position.Baby’s will enjoy,comfortable and happy.

5. SAFETY BAND (On Shoulder Strap & Waist Band) – to provide more security for extra precautions.Parents will more confident for using it.

6. SECURE ELASTIC LOOPS – To tie the webbing to make it look neat.

7. NEAT AND DURABLE SEAMS – using nylon bonded 6.6 thread For stronger and durable stitches . It make the carrier more durable.

8. HYBRID HARNESS (for type Tugeda Smart Street) – Incorporates usage of Baby Harness and Baby Chair to give parent more benefits
The Hybrid Harness can be wore as :-

– Baby Harness – it can accommodate a smaller baby to fit in without using and infant inserts, roll towel or pillow under baby’s bum. No more hassle.

– Chair Harness- Let’s parent to transform almost any adult chair into a safe seat for your baby easily and safely. It will safe times in search of baby chair when outing

9. SLEEPING HOOD – Provides support for baby’s head while sleeping, protection from sun and added privacy while nursing. A parent favorite features.