Q: How to clean Tugeda SSC?
A: For minor drool and spit-up, just spot clean as needed with water and a clean,non-linty washcloth.If you do need to wash your carrier, follow care instructions below:-

-Hand wash Only
-With cold/tab water
– Use mild detergent
– Never use bleach & fabric softener
– Lay flat to dry
– Do not dry to direct sunlight
– Do not soak
– Do not use Dryer / tumble dry

Q: What is the different between Tugeda Air, Tugeda Smart Street & Tugeda Chance?
 Obviosly the different between 3 types of the carrier is on body panel design.
-Tugeda Air, the outer body panel layer is made of a combination of 2 material, netting on the upper body panel and fabric on bottom body panel.
-Tugeda Smart Street & Tugeda Chance, the whole outer layer body panel part is made from fabric but both have different features.Fore more info on the features & specifications, read ‘HERE’