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Tugeda Baby Carrier, Soft Structured Carrier is easy to use and it’s hassle freeTugeda baby carrier unique and beautiful designs, make you look attactive and stylish.


Tugeda baby carrier is a baby carrier brand based in Malaysia. We specialized in making ergonomic baby carrier, especially Soft Structured carrier (SSC) type for Newborn baby to Toddlers.

Our Soft Sturctured Baby Carriers, can helps parents or caregivers to have both hands free to get on with day-to-day life or doing any activities with baby’s around. 

Our Baby Carriers is the best ergonomic baby carrier to ensure a comfortable for long our babywearing. Parent and baby will have more freedom together, create bonding anytime, any where.

Our baby carriers, support the best natural seating position (known as C- Shape and M-shape) which recommended position for Baby’s healthy spine and hip development. It’s important to choose the right baby carrier to give proper support to baby’s natural curve to prevent Injuries.

Tugeda Soft Structured baby Carriers, has been designed to ease adjustment to get the most supportive position for safe and healthy babywearing. It’s very important not to put pressure on baby’s spine and hip at early stage of life to prevent injuries and to make sure it growth healthily.

Image below Shows The Safe & Proper Way How Baby's Supposed To Be Seated In Baby Carrier By Age

Tugeda baby carrier is a safe soft structured baby carrier for you and your baby to use for long hours and will not cause you back ache and pains. Our baby carriers, is made from high quality materials to make sure it safe, sturdy, comfortable and last long. It will be the good investment gadget you ever made.

Our baby carriers, Tugeda Air soft structured Carrier models using breathable materials and High Quality Cotton fabrics to make sure your baby’s not too hot in it. Baby’s keep cool & dry.

Our baby carriers padded shoulder straps and waistband, curved dart on body panel were designed to ensure well distributions of baby’s weight for comfortable ride and to give you feel baby’s weight much lighter.

Tugeda baby carrier, Soft Structured Carrier also using mesh material suitable to be used in any climate especially in sunny, hot, tropical climate, so that baby’s not getting too hot. When baby’s comfortable, they’ll be more relax, calm and Less to cry / less to get cranky

The Airiest Baby Carrier - Tugeda Air 2.0 (Fully Mesh Body Panel Baby Carrier)

Tugeda Baby Carrier – Soft Structured Carrier will be your ESSENTIAL gear to ease your parenting journey.

You And Your Baby Will Love It!


Tugeda Baby Carrier scomes with *lifetime warranty. If you have any problem with the baby carrier, you can send back to use to be repaired for *FREE

Tugeda baby carriers offer the lightest soft structured carrier in the market. It weighted only 0.6kg – 0.7kg


Tugeda Baby Carriers Using breathable materials like mesh to keep you and your baby stay dry & cool

Newborn Friendly

Tugeda Baby Carriers special designed soft structured carrier (model ideal) to carry baby’s newborn  baby to toddler years

Durable & Long Lasting

Tugeda Baby Carrier only use high quality materials & military grade parts to make sure our baby carriers are safe, more durable and last longer.

Unique & Exclusive Design

Tugeda baby Carrier offer only Unique & Exclusive designs to make you still look attractive & stylish while babywearing 

Premium Quality

Tugeda Baby Carriers Using special sewing technics & thick thread, to make sure our products sturdy & strong


We have 2 models :-

  • Air (Available in 2 sizes : Standard & Toddler)
  • Air 2.0 (Available in 2 sizes : Standard & Toddler)
  • Ideal (For newborn baby – 30 months)

*Standard size suitable from 4 month – 36 months
*Toddler size Suitable from 18 months – 48 months

Tugeda Air & Air 2.0

Special Features


  • Suitable from baby age 4 – 30 months (up to 20kg)
  • Speacial Curved Dart to achieve recommended seated position
  • Padded Mesh Material for better body heat and air flow
  • Curvy shoulder straps to fit natural body shape
  • 100% High Quality Cotton
  • High density foam and padded for better cushioning and durability
  • Safety loops features
  • Foldable Head Rest
  • Dual adjustment buckles for easy wear.
  • Military grade parts and buckles
  • Detachable head support / Hoodie
  • Lightweight 


  • LifeTime Warranty*
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Comfortable
  • Stay Cool and dry
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use,Hassle Free
  • Support healthy hip and spine development
  • Neck and head well supported
  • Multiple Carrying Positions
  • Better Cushioning,Excellent weight absorption
  • Durable, Long Lasting
  • Unique and stylish Design (ASSORTED)
  • Available in 2 sizes:-
    – Standard size (fit From age 4 months to 3 years)
    – Toddler Size (Fit From age 1 1/2 year to 4 years)

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Coolest Designs In Town

Tugeda iDEAL

Special Features


  • Suitable from newborn – 24 months (3.5kg – 18kg)
  • Adjustable body panel length to fit baby height (10 inch – 15 inch full)
  • Adjustable body panel width to achieve hip healthy seated (7 inch – 15 inch wide)
  • Adjustable neck support 
  • Perfect Fit Adjuster (PFA’s) to fit any wearer height
  • Curvy shoulder straps to fit natural body shape
  • Foldable Head Rest
  • 100% High Quality Cotton 
  • Military grade parts and buckles
  • Detachable head support / Hoodie
  • High density foam and padded for better cushioning and durability
  • Safety loops features
  • Lightweight 


  • LifeTime Warranty*
  • Ergonomic Design Suitable From Newborn baby
  • Safe for Newborn
  • Comfortable 
  • Easy to use,Hassle Free
  • Ideal for newborn baby’s posture
  • Support Natural Curve
  • Multiple Carrying Positions
  • Better Cushioning for Excellent weight absorption
  • Durable, Long Lasting
  • Safety Loops
  • Unique and stylish Design (ASSORTED)

To Learn More About Tugeda : iDEAL →Click Here

Unique Designs


"Tugeda sangat Selesa, Anak Masuk dalam kejap je dah lena"
Noor Azliawani Ibrahim
"Comfy And Nice"
Nza Zetty
"Lena Sungguh Auni tidur, dalam buai pun tak lama macam ni"
Atikah Nubailah Noor
"It's Comfy enough to be worn for 2 hours, Plus shopping trip for both mommy and baby.My baby fell asleep twice in the carrier"
"Material breathable and suitable for newborn. Tak panas, tak keras. Waist band ok tak keras. Comfoy for me yang baru lepas bersalin czer. Beban baby yang dikendong tak terasa. Base body panel adabutton senang nak adjust bukaan body panel. Saya suka sebab senang nak adjust ikut keselesaan anak & kedudukan baby dapat proper M shape. Overall bady panel, really baby friendly. Baby can easily get in proper C shape like carrying in a baby wrap
Baby Carrier, Soft Structured Carrier Malaysia,Tugeda Ideal Review 3
Pommy Rosa
Parenting & Wellness Consultant
"Super comfy. Ada net dekat belakang, so adalah ruang udara, tak panas. Serius Baby carrier ni BEST gila. Bawahana siap tido lagi. Harga sangat berpatutan dan setanding international brand. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"
Nza Zetty

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