Tugeda Smart Street

♥ Ergonomic Design

-Curvy Shoulder Strap type of soft structured carrier to prevent rub/friction to lower arm (armpit)

-Curvy soft structured carrier Body panel pattern designated to follow body contour

-Curvy Waist Band for the soft structured carrier – Ergonomic/designated to follow human contour


– Shoulder Strap fabric of the soft structured carrier (outer layer) – made from 100% cotton twill (brushed type) for stronger, super soft & comfy (Inner layer) – Air mesh for breathable/airy, soft & comfy.

– Shoulder strap padding –  Using high density premium grade 1″ soft foam for long lasting cushioning, excellent weight absorbtion to feel lighter when carrying your baby’s.

– Body panel of the soft structured carrier (Outer layer/cover) : assorted fabric to give stylish look.

– Body panel (Reversed side) : soft air mesh for breathable, soft & comfy

– Waist band : Using close cell foam for sturdy, moldable for long lasting and comfortable.

♥ HYBRID HARNESS Inside (Integrated design) – Dual funtion/ 2 in 1 .

* Chair harness – Simply release the snap button attached on the hybrid harness to use as a chair harness.No more hassle to find baby chair,simply using multi tasks Tugeda soft structured carrier .

* Baby Harness – Secure the snap button on the hybrid harness to use it as a baby harness which baby’s can be placed higher inside the soft structured carrier without using any infant insert,rolled towel,small pillow underneath baby’s bum for support.

♥ Adjustable length body panel .Unique Soft structured carrier design to add more value :-

– Released upper body panel buckle to (Level 1) to lower the body panel suitable for small baby height or to make baby’s hand to be placed in hands out position

– Secure upper body panel buckle (Level 2 / Full Length level) : extend body panel lenght to the maximum, so it can grow with your little one.

♥ Adjustable shoulder strap length to get perfect fit.(from petite and above)

♥ Dual adjustments buckles on shoulder & chest strap of the soft structured carrier for easy adjustments from any carrying position

♥ Value for money for selected design.

♥ Seat dart on body panel provides a deeper seat to achieve ideal seating position or M shape (natural seating position) that recommended seating position for healthy hip development and to give enough room for baby bum to grow

♥ Durable Buckles

♥ Safety loops on shoulder strap and waistbelt buckles to secure them in case of accidental buckle release.

♥ Elastic loops to tie the webbing

♥ Detachable head support/ hooded

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